Build professional experience and impress potential employers with an outstanding resume. Combine the discovery of a new culture and your participation in protecting and conserving the environment with an internship at Amazonas Recovery Project.

Live and work abroad building both, your international and professional experience whilst helping to recover vast destroyed rain forest areas. Immerse yourself into the culture of the jungle people, settlers and indigenous, and meet other likeminded students and volunteers from all over the world at our different locations in Madre de Dios. Complete your obligatory internship abroad in your specialty helping to restore nature in desert-like lost rainforest areas.

We are looking for interns related to:

  • Environmental engineering
  • Forestry and Landscaping
  • Civil Engineering
  • Camp Facility Management
  • Business Administration
  • Information Technology (Front end and Back end)
  • Health Care

Due to the multi-nationality of the Amazonas Recovery Project Team the working language is normally English, however, whilst interning at Amazonas Recovery Project you need to combine your internship with a few weeks language course (at own expenses) before your internship starts. There are several options in Cusco, Lima, Chiclayo and Arequipa at very competitive prices. In order to move around freely you need to speak at least basic Spanish.

You have the option to stay in one of our student residences in Puerto Maldonado with other international interns and students, or you may choose to stay with a local family, which offers a more integrated Latin American cultural experience. Depending on the topic of your internship you might be required to live in the field camps close to our work areas, where we fill the pitches left by the gold miners, repair as much damages as we can and replant vegetation in order to attract animal life, as well.

You will receive full support from our friendly staff (who are other international interns or volunteers) for the whole duration of your stay. In your first week, you will receive an orientation seminar where you will learn everything you will need about the program, local life in your chosen destination, and nearby activities to keep your weekends filled.


For more info please contact us via Email.